2 comments on “90 day Writing challenge, day 34:If you don’t like kids, why sell ice cream?

  1. I have no children and have never been a parent. I have no idea how I would have coped with parenthood. It is a struggle I can hardly imagine. I like children. Their constant curiosity. Their open expressions of emotion, whatever is true to the moment. As a single adult sitting at a nearby table I would welcome their presence. Their even walking over to my table and showing me their ice cream cone.

    But I am extremely grateful that a parent is nearby. In full sight. Maintaining their parental eye.

    I live in a neighborly 6-unit apartment and two have children. Boys. One eight. One three. I love being the surrogate grandfather. Playing a cowboy. A mean old fairy tale grump.
    Or whatever tickles their fantasy world.

    But only if a parent is there. I can’t imagine being the one responsible for even a moment, much less an hour, or a day. Or a life.

    I appreciate you, the father, telling your story. It is a good one to hear, to know.


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