2 comments on “90 day writing challenge, day 8: Women bullying Women at Work

  1. It’s very true that women can be very mean to each other. It starts early, but really is honed in middle school. I teach that age, and it amazes me how mean some of those girls are. They even make comments about female adults. I think that’s why most of my friends are male. I don’t have time or patience for that. There are women out there who aren’t like that. I think eventually some of us grow out of it and some of us don’t. Great blog!


  2. Alisha-the article seems to support what your experience has been. In fact, one person mentioned believes it may stem from sisters competing with one another for attention in the home. I’ve wondered about this concept as I’ve been hearing women really object strongly to Elizabeth Edwards writing and promoting this book. Their acidic comments appear to reflect more than simply a disagreement with her. Thanks for commenting.


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