3 comments on “What makes the “Wii” so special?

  1. Checkout the recent Yahoo.com article about Wii Problems that have been seen lately. Whether it’s the market share decline, or the difficulty experienced by third party game developers, or the need for the next big hit game. There is no shortage of Wii problems to discuss…


  2. I absolutely love the Wii. We already know how many sit on the couch playing other games or just watching TV. Wii gets everyone moving and enjoying the game. I have read most of the issues that surround the Wii on Yahoo. However, I don’t think this is indicitive of the whole. As with anything, there are going to be problems. So far, crossing fingers, we haven’t had these issues and continue to enjoy its benefits.


  3. bikini-I’m sold on the Wii. Our whole family gets into it. I especially enjoy the fun of creating avatars. My only concern is that I’m going to pop someone in the face, by accident, during one of our boxing matches. Thanks for stopping by.


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