5 comments on “An Open Letter to New Born Babies-Why Obama’s Presidency is Special

  1. Good post, bro. I worked hard on this election, traveling to other cities and canvassing voters and I just knew that a change was gonna come. The looks on people’s faces when we would come to the door were just radiant.
    Even with all the challenges ahead of us I still feel elated and proud that someone of President Obama’s intelligence, grace and depth was elected to that office.


  2. Rod-hopefully Obama can ride the challenges out for two terms. Because as the people of Chicago learned with Harold Washington, these opportunities don’t come along every day. One minute he’s here, then he’s gone, and except for Eugene Sawyer, who was given the position after Harold’s death, there hasn’t been a minority mayor since. Personally, I think part of Obama’s drive to do so much immediately is because he was in Chicago when Harold was King.


  3. Wow. I just stumbled upon your post about B.O. (now THOSE are appropriate initials!). I don’t know you, and judging by the post above and the one about B.O. travelling on D-Day, I don’t believe I want to. Uneducated, uninformed people like you are what will be the demise of this country.
    You are writing a letter to babies born on election day? How about all of those who will be UNBORN thanks to B.O. trying to play God?? How about all the terrorists who are sitting back, loving life because we have an IDIOT in office who wants to hold hands with them and be their friend?? Bin Laden JUST made a video about how he HATES B.O. and is still encouraging Muslims to murder Americans, and not be “wooed” by B.O.’s statements. Yep, sounds like this “can’t we all just be friends,” crap is working!
    Oh, and you guys are so “glad someone of his intelligence, grace and depth was elected to that office”??? President Bush was JUST as educated as B.O. is. I am so sick of people talking about how dumb President Bush was, and how “smart” B.O. is. B.O. is out of his league. He is over his head. And if I hear that wife of his, one more time, talk about how underprivileged she was because she is black, I’m going to go insane. Look at the schools she attended and the things she has been able to do. Underprivileged, my backside.
    Thousands of innocent children lost their lives on 9/11. B.O. wants to sweep it under a rug and pretend it never happened. If you want to talk to children about something, try asking one of them how they feel about B.O. reaching out to terrorists!
    God created lives for a purpose here on Earth. Babies’ pregnant moms might be in a state of denial, disbelief or stress when they learn they are having a child, but it is NOT their choice. If all you leftists are so encompassed with nature and leaving everything in it’s place,and not leaving our mark behind, then maybe you should consider doing that with unborn children! They are NOT a choice. Let NATURE (GOD) take it’s (HIS) course with people, too. And B.O. touring on D-Day? He has disowned all the amazing white people in his family! Half of his election, his entire platform was based on a pity party, as he talked about how his Mom scarred him for life. Now he’s going to go around trying to “relate” to ACTUAL war heroes who watched thousands of people die so that you and I can HAVE this conversation, by saying, “oh, my Uncle fought, too.” What a bunch of crap.
    I am sure your blood is boiling right now, and that’s a very good thing. Because I actually just feel very, very sorry for you. When your children and grandchildren are paying for the mistakes YOU, and this idiot have made, you just might look back and see how wrong you are today.
    May God help you, and may our God, who WATCHES us murder His innocent children EVERY single day, have MERCY on America.


  4. First, thanks for taking the time to comment. Second, it sounds like your blood is boiling, not mine. I’m not sure if I think of myself as a leftist, but thanks for the opportunity to consider that. Now let me respond to some of your accusations.

    On balance, I think you lack balance in your comments. The President is hardly as black and white as yo make him. I think there is a difference between diplomatic dialogues with all nations and “can’t we all be friends.

    I think it is unfair to compare George Bush’s guaranteed admission to Yale or Harvard as equal to the President Obamas ability to not only earn admission, but to rise to the highest level of academic challenges he was confronted with. I think this is even more true for Michelle Obama. If she and George Bush were tracked from where they started from to where they are today. Can you really deny that the hurdles she had to overcome to go from southside Chicago, public schools, to the Ivy league, prestigious law firms etc was the same as George Bush?

    As for babies, we disagree. You are better than me. If my daughter were raped and pregnant as a result of it, I would understand if she elected to have an abortion, and you clearly would not. And I’m sure you are spending whatever free time you have working with poor children who come from families struggling to have enough food, clothing, or shelter for them. Because you so strongly believe in the right to life, it is safe to say that is not just about the moment of birth. So cheers to you and all the work you do to support these children as they struggle in life. I wish I was as much of a humanitarian as you, but I’m not.

    Oh, and thanks for your kind thoughts that God watch over me. I trust he is big enough to tolerate a world of differing views.


  5. Thanks for responding.
    Hmmm. Well, where to begin?
    Yes, I do as a matter of fact devote most of my time to helping children. A portion of the money I earn goes directly to ensure that some children always have enough to eat. I spend hours out of my day volunteering to ensure children receive a great education. Some are in other countries, and some are closer to me. But this is not some sort of contest, and the details are therefore unimportant.
    Neither do I believe I am a “better person” than anyone out there. We all have our issues. I know I do.
    However, I desperately agree with your political views. You see, because of so many who have fought and died to make this country what it is today (and what B.O. is working hard to destroy), we are allowed to disagree. However, at the rates things are going, it may not always be that way.
    As for the Obama’s education/background vs. the Bush’s (or anyone else’s for that matter), I literally don’t even know where to start. And as I believe I should hold my tongue on certain topics, I will exercise some restraint in this area.
    Last but certainly not least, I am not judging you. That is not my job. I am simply disagreeing. It does, however, make me sad that we throw certain things in the face of our God, and killing his babies is one of those things. They are a gift to us, no matter how they arrive.
    God DOES watch over you, and He loves you very much. And you are absolutely correct- He IS big enough to handle everything in His creation– and beyond.


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