8 comments on “What about making 1 Apology as your New Years Resolution?

  1. This is a wonderful post. I have found that when others always hear you say you are sorry they start saying it back, especially your kids. It also makes you start thinking about how you treat other people so as not to end up sorry later.
    I apologized to my grown son for the times in his childhood when I was incapable of truly being there for him (a couple of time I was very sick), he appreciated my apology.


  2. Jennifer-I appreciate the kind words. An apology is one of those things that seems easy until you have to take the action to do so. And then, more often than not, there is relief. For some reason, I am thinking about how Fonzie from Happy Days struggled to say “I’m Sorry.”


  3. I am in a 12 step group and as part of doing the steps, I did my amends. So I sat down with my sister, called my brother and did them. They didn’t even remember the incidents. So they were like, “Okay I accept your apology.” Which just goes to show sometimes we are carrying things around with us that others have long since forgotten and it does us a world of good to make the amends so we can be free of the burden of carrying it around anymore. God bless you and have a Happy New Year!



  4. That’s an interesting resolution as well as a very worthwhile step in a right direction. As kindness can be contagious, I imagine healing wounds could be as well. Great post. Happy 2009!


  5. blacknight-I really like the idea of connecting the amends to freeing ourselves of the burden we carry around with us. So in suggesting that I will make a resolution to commit to one apology in 2009-I am doing so for my own benefit, not necessarily for others. In the same way, I could focus on losing weight, and whether others notice or not-its for me. Thanks for commenting.


  6. I think I’ll apologize for sneaking down after everyone else had gone to bed and finishing all the leftover stuffing… No one could figure out where it had gone the next day when they tried to fix leftovers, and I conveniently avoided their inquiries… (I love stuffing!)


  7. Eric-See how easy that is-do it, and you’ll have completed one resolution in the new year. And who knows, maybe next year, you’ll be able to remind everyone that you intend to eat leftover stuffing while they are asleep. Thanks for stopping by.


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