7 comments on “Will you buy the “Snuggie” or “Slanket” for Someone You Love?

  1. Just ran accross your blog. I also find this commercial funny. Maybe it’s the small part of me that secretly knows I would totally use the Snuggie. I joked to my husband that I’d love a Snuggie for Christmas, but truth be told I could see myself joining the cult of Snuggie! haha :)


  2. You are in luck. I just saw an after XMAS Snuggie advertisement-it appears they are now selling 2 for the price of one. So its as good a time as any to join the Cult! Thanks for commenting.


  3. it’s too bad the Snuggie has that drafty, hospital gown thing going for it… it would be better if it wrapped around all the way


  4. I too laugh everytime I see the commercial. If I ever get bored, I go onto youtube just to view all the parody videos on the “Blanket with Sleeves.” The other night I saw a spoof called the “Midriff Snuggie” on a website…of course the website’s name was snuggiehumor.com – I would love to know who woke up one morning, and said, “Let me start a website that is 100% dedicated to snuggie.


  5. When you think of most great leaders, they are driven by a cause. It appears this man has discovered his true passion and mission in life is dedicated to the “snuggie.” Perhaps one day this man will speak before millions at the Washington Monument, “I have a dream that all men and women will one day wear a “midriff snuggie.”


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