2 comments on “Walking in my sons shoes

  1. We’ve had that same experience! Older brother could care less if he was wearing black wingtips, younger brother has to have “cool” shoes. I have cheated and said that they don’t allow those “flashy shoes” at school, which is partially true. We did compromise at the beginning of the school year and he bought the puffy shoes without the skulls. So this weekend I was thrilled when he wanted to buy green converse (of course the kind with no laces) but still “cute” in my eyes and “cool” in his! Tell me, how can a 6 year old be SO fashion conscious?


  2. Laurie-I’m not sure who is influencing these guys. But I forgot to mention one small detail, my son does not know how to tie his shoes yet. He thought his teachers wouldn’t mind tying his shoes regularly. It appears they made it clear, he will need to master this life skill on his own. So this morning, he decided to slip on his easy to wear New Balance sneakers.


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