4 comments on “Am I less of a parent for exposing my kid to Rocky and the Karate Kid before Harry Potter?

  1. I always thought Harry Potter was for older kids anyway. Reading is good, but it sounds like these parents might be pushing their kids a little too hard.


  2. David- Clearly you are a very intelligent man with good taste in movies. Therefore I will accept your endorsement of Rocky and Karate Kid over Harry Potter. And like our heroes, I will (insert Eye of the Tiger music here) go for it! Thanks


  3. Eric- I suspect you are right. I would guess these parents are pushing their kids too hard to comprehend Harry Potter. I might also add that they may be avoiding Rocky and the Karate Kid out of misguided concerns of violence, competition, and an appreciation for the classics. Unfortunately, there are kids who will never be exposed to Rocky or the Karate Kid. Thanks for your comments.


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