3 comments on “Do we expect as much of boys as we do of girls?

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  2. Great points made. And I say this as MY two sons (5 and 2) batter each other w/ lightsabers in the other room as I write this. They wrestle, they throw stuff, they push each other, they scream, they make stuff to smash stuff. And you know what? They do it all b/c they are having fun. They aren’t bad kids (she says objectively) – no really, they are total loves. But I honestly believe that boys (and perhaps girls too but I wasn’t like this) need a certain amount of energy exerted on being insane everyday. I call it “getting your crazies out”. There needs to be a place and a time for it, and they need to know that, but if you don’t channel their “crazies”, don’t blame THEM when you’ve got holes in your drywall. Ya year me? Great post.


  3. Caroline- I have come to enjoy watching my two sons tackle and jump on each other. If it was not followed by laughter and immediately wanting to hang out with each other, I’d be more concerned.


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